FACTFILE: Irritants

Someone undergoing allergy testing. Photo credit: http://www.allergyzone.co.uk

There are many products which may cause irritation and some people have more delicate skin than others. If you have sensitive skin it’s essential that you take particular care of what you put on your skin.

Skin irritation may be a sign of a deeper rooted problem. If skin problems are not addressed they will keep reoccurring so if you are someone who gets blemishes or rashes think about seeing your doctor or a dermatologist.

As we’re all unique it’s important to know your skin and to know what is normal for you. This will help you find beauty and cosmetic products which will serve you best. If you find that you are reacting to a particular product you should stop using it. With beauty products it’s easy to get sucked into the trap of thinking that tingling exfoliators or cleansers are the most effective. Sometimes we can mistake tingling for burning and irritation, this is often a sign that the product is too harsh for our skin rather than a sign that our skin is being thoroughly cleansed.

Certain foods can also cause skin irritation. These are often ignored and people mistake the signs of food allergies for breakouts. Seafood, nuts, eggs, dairy products and wheat products are some of the most common food allergies that often go undiagnosed for a long time. If you notice that you come out in rashes or blemishes after eating certain foods you should avoid eating the food and see your doctor for an allergy test.

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