One of the most beautiful Temples in the world, The Taj Mahal. Photo credit: http://www.mapsoftheworld.com

Your body is a temple. The sooner you start treating it like one the happier you’ll be with the outward appearance. We’re not saying that you need to eat rabbit food everyday of your life (unless that’s what you want!) but everything in moderation goes a long way. When you’re body is being fueled with nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins, your skin will have an healthy and glowing appearance, as the skin cells are getting all the ingredients they need. Yay!

Check the ingredients of beauty products before using them. Low quality products containing cheap ingredients would not be used to repaint the Taj Mahal so why would you use poor quality products on your body? The health and appearance of your skin is affected by both what you put on it and what you put into your body. So the next time you’re doing your food or beauty shop, remember your body is a temple.

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