Indulge in good skin this Winter with…. Oats


Oats are a great winter warmer. As well as being filling, tasty and a good source of slow releasing energy, oats are great for your skin because they care for your body from the inside out. Oats are packed full of proteins, anti-oxidants, minerals and fibre and can help to manage your blood glucose levels and they help you feel fuller for longer which is great for anybody who’s watching their weight.

Try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon for a warm winter boost and to gain extra health benefits. As well as adding flavour and taste to your porridge, a pinch of Cinnamon can help to stimulate your blood flow and circulation. When blood is flowing at a good rate in the body, our skin radiates it. Our skin tone is naturally brighter and has a healthy glow.  For extra crunch, add chopped nuts to your oatmeal.

Oats are also good ingredient to use in home skin care recipes as its rough texture helps to clean and buff the skin. They are great to use all types of skin. On oily skin, uncooked rolled oats can help to remove excess oil on the skin and balance out oil production. For dry and itchy skin, using oats helps to add moisture to the skin and soothe itching. Check our recipes tab for some DIY masks and scrubs containing oats.

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