Steps to maintain beautiful skin even when ill… Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation not only helps to open up the nasal passages and ease blocked noses, steaming your face is also a great way to keep your skin and complexion clear. Citrus and menthol oils in particular are great for treating congestion due to their strong scent. Adding a few drops of essential oils like mint, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and tea tree oil, to hot water and inhaling the steam can help to alleviate the symptoms of cold and flu.  These oils are great for clearing your sinuses as well as cleansing and deep cleaning your pores. You can also add essential oils to bath water to help with stiff muscles and muscular pain which often accompanies the flu. Alternatively, you could use a hot or cold compress made from hot or cold water blended with essential oils to help lower your temperature and provide relief from headache, muscular pain and fever.

The calming properties of oils like lavender will help to soothe and relax your body as you recover.  When the body is relaxed, we are more likely to sleep better. Steaming your face before going to bed will help to clear your mind and nasal passages which will hopefully result in a great night’s sleep. Most people usually find sleep hard to come by when suffering from a cold or flu due to congestion and discomfort. Using essential oils will help you feel more relaxed and ease the symptoms of colds and flu.

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