Steps to maintain beautiful skin even when ill… Drink up!

It is essential to drink lots of fluids when suffering from a cold or flu as the body tends to suffer from dehydration when we’re ill. A high intake of fluids will help the body flush out toxins and bacteria more easily which should help your illness to pass and put you well on the road to recovery.

Drinking lots of water can help with fever symptoms; a glass of cold water can help to cool your internal temperature where as hot water will help to warm you up. Drinking hot ginger and lemon tea is another great remedy for colds and flu. As well as working to soothe your chest and throat, ginger and lemon are excellent ingredients for nourishing and cleansing your skin.

Headaches, fatigue and dizziness are often common symptoms of the flu. Many people experience a lack of appetite which cause them to feel faint and dizzy. This makes it hard for the body to refuel and get the nutrients it needs to function as our food intake becomes limited. Soups, fruit juices and smoothies can help with this as they are an easy nut effective way of getting nutrients into your body. Choose soups, juices and smoothies made from fruits and vegetables with a high Vitamin C content like broccoli, peppers, berries and citrus fruits.

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