Steps to maintain beautiful skin even when ill… Choose soft fibres

When we’re ill, the layers come out and so does the mass supply of tissues. When our skin comes into contact with the wrong types of fabrics, it can appear red and become easily irritated. Keeping warm is an essential part of beating colds and the flu, but it is important to choose soft, natural fibres which won’t irritate your skin. Layers of itchy and scratchy clothing will only make you more uncomfortable and frustrated which is likely to prolong the period of your illness. Eliminating stress and keeping relaxed is essential to aid a speedy recovery.

You should use soft tissues to blow your nose as rough tissues will irritate the skin around your nose causing redness and broken skin. There is a high chance that you will develop dry and flaky skin around your nose when you have a cold, choosing soft tissues will help to minimise the risk. Though you may feel 50% inside, there’s no need for your skin to look equally as bad. In addition to the pocket tissue and hand sanitizer you’ll be carrying around, keep some moisturiser in tow too. Remember to keep the area around your nose moisturised in order to prevent dry and flaky skin.

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