Steps to maintain beautiful skin even when ill… Moisturise

Moisturising is important whatever the weather. When you are ill, your skin is susceptible to blotchy patches and redness. Our bodies often suffer from dehydration when we’re ill which can take its toll on the skin.

The heating is most likely to be cranked up to full blast when we’re feeling under the weather, this can further dry out the skin. Using a humidifier, especially as you sleep, not only helps to relieve nasal congestion, it also adds moisture to the air which will help to keep your skin moisturised.

Some people are prone to puffy eyes when struck down with the flu. Try putting two cold, wet tea bags or slices of cool cucumber onto your eyes to ease the puffiness. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated on pillows should also help to reduce puffy and tired looking eyes.

Moisturising your skin helps it to maintain its protective properties while leaving it feeling and looking healthy and smooth. The skin around and under your nose is a key area to keep moisturised when you have a cold. The constant nose rubbing and blowing may lead to redness, dry patches and flaky skin. Keeping this area moisturised will assist in reducing these effects.

Chapped lips can also be a problem for many during colds and flu season. Use a wash cloth to gently scrub and remove dry skin from your lips and keep your lip balm close to hand. Keeping your lips moisturised is the best way to fight chapped and cracking lips.

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