Ingredients we LOVE and USE

Shea Butter/ Butyrospernum Parkii

Shea butter is a slightly yellowish or ivory natural fat which is taken from the nut of the West African Shea tree. Shea butter is a wonderful, wonderful moisturiser for the entire body and for ALL skin types! As it’s a butter, it naturally will have a greasy feel to it, so you only need a small amount when using as a skin moisturiser. It is a natural emollient, improving the appearance of the skin as if softens and smooths – what more could you possibly need?! It’s great for use all year round and it helps to give skin a healthy appearance. It is a perfect addition to your summer skin care regime as it leaves it well moisturised; a complete must, especially when we strip off the layers when the temperature rises. It’s also perfect for winter when your skin may need some extra TLC and protection from the elements.

Sweet Almond Oil/ Prunus Dulcis

Sweet Almond Oil nourishes the skin whilst soothing it and improving the tone. This oil has a sweet fragrance and is packed full of nutrients and fatty acids which are essential for healthy skin cells and repairing damaged skin.  It is easily absorbed into the skin and contains wrinkle fighting antioxidants which help promote healthy and glowing skin. Sweet Almond Oil is great for use on all skin types and leaves the skin feeling supple and soft. It is a rich oil so if you do chose to use one of our blends remember a little goes a long way! If you have a nut allergy, we recommend you avoid products containing almond oil; alternatively seek advice from a medical professional.

We chose to include Sweet Almond Oil in our Little People and Mama’s Bump Body Butters because a mother’s bump and babies’ skin need all the nutrients and moisture it can get whilst growing. The skin on pregnant bellies is prone to dryness so our special blend of oils in our Mama’s Bump body butter is excellent for fighting this whilst gently soothing any itching or irritation. Sweet Almond oil as also been found to help increase the skins elasticity and improve the appearance of scars.

Vitamin E/Tocopherol

Vitamins are needed for the body to function effectively and efficiently. The body is unable to store vitamins so it is important to get your daily dose in order to stay in good health. When the body is vitamin deficient, our skin is often one of the first tell tale signs. Eating a diet rich in Vitamin E and using it as part of your skincare regime will leave you with nourished and moisturised skin. Vitamin E is great for relieving dry and itchy skin as it helps the skin to retain its natural moisture.Vitamin E Oil is rich in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. These properties help to fight the signs of ageing and keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy. It also promotes the production of elastin and collagen which helps to maintain the skins elasticity. This also helps with healthy cell repair and regeneration. The inclusion of Vitamin E in our Little People Body Butter helps keep lock in moisture on the skin of your little ones while keeping their skin protected.

Mandarin Essential Oil/ Citrus Nobilis

Mandarin Essential Oil has a deliciously sweet and floral fragrance. It was traditionally used to treat a wide range of ailments including digestive problems, nervous tension, scars, acne and spots. As is common with many citrus based essential oils, Mandarin Oil is great for balancing the oil levels in your skin and helping improve the tone and texture of your skin. Its antiseptic properties help to fight infections and treat problem skin. It is great for promoting healthy cell repair and skin cell growth. We have blended Mandarin Oil with a range of other oils to form our Little People Body Butters which is excellent for keeping the skin of your little ones looking beautiful and healthy. Our Little People body butter is also great for the whole family to use.

Coconut Oil/ Cocos Nucifera

Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturising conditioner for your hair and skin. It has a high saturated fat content which helps the skin to maintain moisture and keeps it healthy, soft and smooth. Coconut oil is great for dry and mature skin as it has anti-aging properties. It’s commonly used in massage and aromatherapy due to its moisturising and soothing properties and pleasant scent. Naturally rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients, Coconut Oil is a great ingredient to use in Natural Skincare products.  It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which help it to keep your skin clean and infection free. We use Coconut Oil in our Mama’s Bump Body Butter to help provide your skin and your bump with that extra bit of moisture. It is important to keep your skin well moisturised when pregnant to help soothe and calm itching and irritation. The added moisture also helps increase the elasticity and flexibility of the skin as your bump grows.

Lavender Oil/ Lavandula Augustifolia

Like all essential oils Lavender has a wide range of uses and is beneficial to the human body for a number of different reasons. Historically Lavender has been used because of its healing and calming properties and to treat a variety of conditions including fatigue, digestive problems, spasms, colic, sprains, rheumatism and toothache. In skin care, Lavender oil is a great product for general use, its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics make it an excellent tool to treat skin problems such as eczema, sunburn, acne, dandruff and spots. Lavender oil helps calm the body, mind and soul and alleviate stress; this is an important part of maintaining good skin care. Stress can cause breakouts and worsen existing skin conditions. Using skincare products which take care of your inner well being kills two birds with one stone. Beautiful skin starts from within, when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.

Olive Oil/Olea Europea

Olive oil is one of the richest natural oils around and is an excellent conditioner for your hair and skin and is a good source of moisture. Olive oil is used in medicine for its healing and soothing properties. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins which are essential for healthy skin. Olive oil soothes dry, itchy skin and can also help reduce the signs of aging. It is an excellent moisturiser for those with sensitive and irritable skin. It can be applied directly to skin after washing/cleansing or can be mixed with sea salt and used as an exfoliator. (We’ll soon be posting our homemade recipes for exfoliators using olive oil, so watch this space). Olive oil is extremely versatile and has a number of different culinary, medicinal and cosmetic uses and is a great ingredient to have around the house. We’ve added Olive oil to our Mama’s Bump and Grown Ups and formula’s for that added touch of moisture, to help keep your skin healthy, soft and silky smooth.

Avocado Oil / Persea Gratissima

Avocados are naturally rich in essential fatty acids and oils which are needed to keep the body in good health. These good fats and oils are also important for skincare as they keep your skin cells moisturised and protected. Avocado oil is commonly used as a carrier oils in aromatherapy, skincare and hair care. It is suitable for use on all skin types and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished, so it is especially good for dehydrated and mature skin. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as Carotene, Potassium and Folic Acid. All these vitamins and nutrients are essential for healthy and glowing skin. Avocado Oil is also antioxidant which helps to protect the skin against pollutants, premature aging and free radicals. Using Avocado Oil on your skin helps to strengthen the skin’s protective moisture barrier. The essential fatty acids in this oil condition your skin and leave it looking radiant and silky smooth. We use Avocado Oil in our Grown Ups Body Butter for that extra bit of moisture to help soften and soothe your skin.

Orange Essential Oil/Citrus Sinensis

There are many uses for Orange Essential Oil including medicinal and culinary purposes. In folk tradition, it was used to treat a range of conditions such as: coughs, colds, muscle spasms and digestion problems. Orange Oil is great for the skin due to its cleansing properties. It is effective in treating skin problems such as acne and dermatitis. It’s rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C which helps to encourage healthy collagen production and combat the signs of aging. Orange Oil helps to improve the skins tone and texture, whilst working to stimulate healthy cell growth and skin cell regeneration. It helps to clear dead cells from the surface of your skin and prevent dull and flaky skin. We have added Orange Essential Oil to our Grown Ups Body Butter.

Grapefruit Essential Oil/ Citrus Paradisi

This oil has a sweet citrus fragrance and has antiseptic and antioxidant properties which help to clean and clear your skin. It is naturally rich in Vitamin C and is often used for its fragrance in perfumes and soaps. The Vitamin C content helps to boost cell regeneration which helps even out the tone of dull and lacklustre skin. Grapefruit Oil is good for use on oily and spot prone skin as it helps to clear and decongest the skin. It is also effective in slowing down the signs of aging and preventing skin infections. Its fragrance has a calming effect and Grapefruit Oil is often used in aromatherapy to treat stress, headaches and nervous tension. We have used Grapefruit Essential Oil in Emi & Ben’s Grown Ups Body Butter. Grown Up’s Body Butter is a nourishing mix of oils, blended together to deeply moistures and care for your skin.

Grapeseed Oil/ Vitis Vinifera

Grapeseed oil is full of antioxidants which makes it an excellent moisturiser and conditioner for the skin. It is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave an oily coating as some other oils do. It contains flavanoids which can help to reduce allergic reactions. This makes it a good oil to use on sensitive skin and skin that is easily irritated. Grapeseed oil also helps to protect the skins natural collagen and improves the skins elasticity. This will help to slow down the aging process as the skin produces less collagen as we grow older. We’ve blended Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil to make our Raw Shea Body Butter. The Grapeseed Oil helps to give the body butter a softer consistency for those who prefer to use Shea butter with minimal additional ingredients. It is perfect for use all over the body and the face and suitable for all skin types.


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