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There are few short cuts in maintaining healthy skin, if you’re looking for a quick fix your skin may end up in worse condition. We’re all guilty of rummaging through our make up bags for some powder or cover up … Continue reading

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FACTFILE: Lavandula Augustifolia, Lavender Oil

Lavender is an evergreen shrub with pale green leaves, violet/blue flowers and a strong fragrance. Hate or love the smell, there’s no denying its benefits. Like all essential oils Lavender has a wide range of uses and is beneficial to … Continue reading

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FACTFILE: Irritants

There are many products which may cause irritation and some people have more delicate skin than others. If you have sensitive skin it’s essential that you take particular care of what you put on your skin. Skin irritation may be … Continue reading

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FACTFILE: Cosmetics

Cosmetics have become an important part of society today and are great for enhancing natural beauty. We are all guilty of reaching for the concealer to hide bags under our eyes or to cover up breakouts, but in some situations … Continue reading

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