Steps to maintain beautiful skin even when ill… Eat your way to recovery

Our bodies need a daily dose of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to function. Eating regular, balanced meals provide fuel for your body and keep it in good health. When we’re sick, it is important to fuel the body with as many vitamins and minerals as possible. This can be hard to do especially if you lose your appetite when you have a cold or flu and not having the energy to prepare hearty, vitamin filled meals.

Soups are a great way to get your daily vitamin dose and refuel your body. The water content will also help to keep you hydrated. Be sure to add spices and herbs like black pepper, garlic and turmeric to your meals. These spices not only enhance the flavour of your food, they also help with blood and oxygen circulation in the body.

When you begin to regain your appetite and recover, it’s important to keep maintaining a healthy diet to avoid falling sick again. Eating lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your body stocked up with the vitamins it needs to get you back to full health.

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